One of the ways that you can help spread the facts about the graduate student unionization effort at Cornell and about this website is by hanging posters. We have provided several posters here in pdf format. Feel free to print them out, photocopy them, and hang them around campus, at your apartment, on your office door, or wherever you think graduate students might see them.

We'll be releasing more posters over time, so check back often!

The copyrights on these posters are retained by their creators; you are granted a license to photocopy and use them with two conditions: (1) You may only hang these posters in areas where it is legal and permissible to do so. (2) You may not modify these posters in any way without our permission. (If you want to help us by designing more posters, go for it. If you Email them to us and we like them, then with your permission we'll add them to this page!)

Please note that all official At What Cost? posters appear on this page and bear our name and/or the URL of our website. While we're certainly supportive of independent postering efforts, we can't take responsibility for posters that we didn't produce.

Please do not remove any CASE/UAW posters from bulletin boards or cover them with At What Cost? posters.

If you spend more than $1 or so on posters, please send us Email, so that we can track gifts-in-kind. Thanks!

General Posters

Trying to make sense of graduate student unionization? (posted 8/24/02)

Would you vote without all the facts? (posted 8/24/02)

At what cost? (posted 8/24/02)

Where does your money go? Inform yourself. (posted 9/30/02)

Don't take candy from strangers! (posted 9/30/02)

Graduate students oppose unionization for many different reasons. (posted 10/14/02)

A Bad Union is Worse than No Union. (posted 10/14/02)

Does money grow on trees? (large file, posted 10/14/02)

Not voting is a vote for CASE/UAW! (posted 10/14/02)

Think you know the facts about unionization? Learn the truth. (posted 10/14/02)

Vote Smart, Vote No. (posted 10/14/02)

Issue Posters

Living Wage: Debunking the living wage claims of CASE/UAW (posted 8/24/02)

The UAW: Not So Democratic After All (posted 9/21/02)

Summer Funding in The Humanities (posted 9/21/02, in response to a misleading CASE/UAW poster claiming that the union would improve summer funding in the humanities)

H1B Visas: Is the UAW Really Protecting the Best Interests of International Students? (posted 9/21/02)

Bargaining Power: What will $350,000 per year buy? (posted 9/29/02)

H1-B Visas: Do international students want to pay $100 per year to make it harder to get one? (posted 9/29/02)

Is this what you call democracy? (posted 9/29/02)

The UAW opposes increases in fuel economy standards which might "jeopardize the jobs of UAW members." (posted 9/29/02)

Dental and Vision Benefits? Think again. (posted 10/14/02)