Articles on Unionization

Cornell Unionization in the Media

Professionalism, Graduate Education and Unions, by Frank Disalvo, Cornell Daily Sun, October 9, 2002.

Tracking the Union, Cornell Daily Sun, September 12, 2002.

Rawlings Urges Graduate Student Workers Not To Unionize, Ithaca Journal, September 5, 2002.

A Challenge to the Union, Editorial, Cornell Daily Sun, September 5, 2002.

Graduate Students To Elect Union Rep, Cornell Daily Sun, August 26, 2002.

Cornell to Allow All Grad Workers to Vote, Ithaca Journal, July 13, 2002.

Transcription of the Faculty Forum on Graduate Student Unionization, September 18, 2002.

Effects of Unionization

UAW and Democracy: Grad Employees Asking Your Help, November 1, 1999. UMass Amherst grad union representatives explain their opposition to the UAW administratorship imposed on them.

Dissent Within TAs Union: UCSB Grad Students Quit Bargaining Committee in Protest, Santa Barbara Independent, November 1999.

No Strike Without Representation, March 9 2000. UCSB grad union representatives describe UAW refusing graduate student representation in bargaining and call for a refusal to strike.

Timeline of UAW conflict in UCSB grad student union, United Student Labor at UCSB. Visit site for more information on their efforts to bargain without the UAW.

Resignation Letter of the UCSB Negotiating Team. Negotiations were subsequently resumed by the UAW and their selected negotiators; elected replacements of the resigned team were barred from the negotiations.

Dissent Within TAs Union: UCSB Grad Students Quit Bargaining Committee in Protest. An article from the Santa Barbara Independent describing the resignation of the UCSB bargaining team.

Fair and Valid Election Policy Statement, a statement released by the UCSB Graduate Students Association claiming that the strike authorization and contract ratification votes held there, "failed to meet basic standards of legitimacy and were potentially fraudulent."

UW Teaching Assistants Walk After Contract Negotiations Collapse, Seattle Times, June 1, 2001.

UW Reports That Less Than 20% of TAs Went on Strike but regardless of numbers the academic effects of the strike are still being felt, Seattle Times, July 10, 2001.

UW Grad Student Labor Dispute Still Unresolved: Ongoing problem threatens undergrad writing programs, Seattle Post-Intelligence, October 5, 2001.

Collective Bargaining of Graduate Students: A Summary of the Impact at the University of Iowa, 1999. Includes economic, academic, and administrative impacts.

Graduate Voices Against Unionization

Is GESO afraid of an open, candid debate?, Opinion, Yale Daily News, March 1, 2002. A student's frustration at morally questionable unionization efforts at Yale.

Grad Students Don't Have Anything to Whine About. Opinion, Yale Daily News, April 24, 2002. A student explains we he is personally opposed to graduate student unionization, despite his personal circumstances.

Graduate Student Unions, The Law, and Economics

Graduate Student Unionization at Yale University. Also offers a nice crash course in the legal history of grad student unionization.

What does Economics tell us about Unionization? An economic argument against grad student unions by a Columbia Econonomics Ph.D. student.


UAW Aims to Buy Posh California Resort: Wisdom of Purchase Questioned; Property is in Bankruptcy Court, Detroit Free Press, April 21, 2001.

UAW Goes to School: Union seeks to organize academic elite, boost sagging membership, Detroit Free Press, July 2, 2001.

UAW's New Target: Academia, Associated Press, July 2, 2001.

Congress Kills New Fuel Rules: Lobbying by carmakers ends effort in U.S. House to raise average mileage for SUVs, The Detroit News, August 2, 2001.

House Allows Drilling in Alaska, Defeats SUV Rules with the help of UAW lobbyers,USA Today, August 2, 2001.

Other Materials

A Combined RA-TA Union: The Wrong Way to Unionize. An evaluation of the problems with a combined RA-TA union, with references.

Complete Proposal of New York University to International Union, UAW and its Local 2110. The text of the first contract negotiated by a grad student union with a private university.

U.S. Department of Labor Public Disclosure Room. The UAW's reports appear under the Affiliation Name "Automotive Workers, AFL-CIO."

Annual Report of the International Union, UAW filed with the Department of Labor for 2001.

Annual Report of the Ithaca UAW Local 2300 with which a graduate student union is likely to be amalgamated. As a curiousity, note that the Ithaca Local was placed under an administratorship for more than two years, in clear violation of the UAW constitution (see the cover page, "Additional Information" section)!

The Nature and Scope of Union Revenues from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. An article about how much money unions bring in and laws relating to "right-to-work", financial disclosure, Beck rights, and other protections of workers against union forces. Many references.

National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. "A non-profit organization providing free legal aid nationwide to thousands of employees whose human and civil rights have been violated by compulsary unionism abuses."

The National Legal and Policy Center's Organized Labor Accountability Project. See especially, "Union Corruption Update" and "Fighting Corruption in the AFL-CIO." (The UAW is part of the AFL-CIO.)